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If  you  own or can borrow  at tape measure,  a digital camera,  or a cell phone with a good camera  you are on your way to qualifying  for Home-Aide's cost savings *DIY  INSPECTION SPECIAL


Items you will need

  • Notebook

  • Pen or Pencil

  • Measuring Tape

  • Digital Camera

  • A bright flashlight helps!

  • It is much easier when you have at least 1 friend but 2 is better, help with the tape and the camera

  • Refreshments-Estimate estimator better!


  1. Inspection of your home. Make sure you have plenty of light.

  2. Most of the time the obvious will not be difficultand you get to be your own camera person or better yet you can invite a frien and you be the producer (still only please) for the production MY House Repair.

  3. If you begin your  inspection  on the exterior. Write down EXTERIOR FRONT if your find things you need fixed in th front of the house. EXT LEFT,  EXT BACK, EXT RIGHT, GARAGE,ect....

  4. INTERIOR-There is List  standard names for rooms and locations on the previoius Estimate Page that helps our estimator better understand your needs.  kitchen, masterbedroom, den ....etc Tellus which roon you are in.

  5. Now most important if you want your FREE Estimate we need digital pictures to go with your notes AND THE NOTES that TELL US THE WHOLE STORY in your words.

  6. Optional - The 1st pic should be of the front of your house (try to get most or all of the house)

  7. The 2nd , 3rd, 4th ..etc. pictures....and descriptions of the general location in the house. ( such as kithcen, bathroom, sidewalk, patio, or garage, the more angles the better within reason. If possible try to get the picture to tell the whole of the work you need or desrie to have done  "story" and    " a picture says more than thousand words"   especially if there is more than one picture from different angles, from a distance and closeups.

  8. If the work required is damage repair use the tape measure in the picture to show the relative size of the damage. ( scale helps a lot)

  9. Then another close up picture showing the exact measurement on the tape pointing with  pencil or finger

  10. If you think a sketch will help draw your best sketch, photograph the sketch,  and send the picture of the sketch to estimator. Please also send your list via text or e-mail.

  11. Send the Photos either Text or E-mail via cell phone or computer.

  12. If you have any questions Call George, and let George help you.







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