Exterior paint in Florida is an extremely important part of maintaining your home. A healthy coat of high-quality exterior paint, especially on a stucco exterior, is your first barrier against water intrusion. If your paint shows visible signs of wear & fading from sun exposure, you need to paint your house. Failure to regularly paint your exterior stucco can lead to major stucco problems. Especially if your home was build in the last 5-10 years. Builder grade paint has a maximum life span of 5 years.












When you paint the exterior of a home, the pressure washing is where proper paint application begins. Removing any peeling paint ensures the next paint adheres to a solid substrate. Next, it is extremely important to apply a coat of primer/sealer to all masonry areas before the paint itself. Paint that includes primer does not suffice. After the primer conditioner, two coats at full coverage is the standard for a quality paint job. This is the process we follow on every house we paint.


When we furnish an estimate for exterior paint, it includes every step required to achieve a high-quality paint job. There are no extras or "gotcha's" in your final invoice. We do not cut corners because we believe in the principle of quality.


Because each house is different, we try to customize pricing by the job. However, as a rule, exterior paint of 1 main color and 1 accent on a 1 story home of 1,800 square feet typically costs around $3,000.00. This price includes spraying soffits, fascia & gutter 1 color and the entire process described above. Please call 727-809-5802 with any inquiries.






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