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10 Simple Things To Add Curb Appeal

1. Paint The Front Door

Add a pop of color or just keep it simple, either way painting the Front Door is a great way to add Curb Appeal to any property.

2. Spruce Up The Porch Furniture

Add some Character by sprucing up the Porch Furniture with pillows or paint/stain.

3. Get Creative With The House Numbers

Add big bold number for the address.

4. Replace The Door Mat

Doormats are one of the many inexpensive ways to add Curb Appeal. Doormats can be used to decorate with the seasons as well.

5. Liven Up The Yard With Flower Beds

Flowerbeds are a great way to brighten up the yard, they do require routine maintenance though.

6. Upgrade The Mailbox

Upgrading the mailbox will be sure to wow the neighbors and the mail man.

7. Pressure Wash

Pressure washing brings life back into the property by making everything look clean and new.

8.Freshen Up The Windows With Planters or Shutters

Window Planters are a fun inexpensive way to bring Curb Appeal. Window planters are an easy DIY project to do! Shutters a lot more expensive but the are less maintenance and bring a lot of character to the over all look of the house.

9. Add Lighting

Adding walkway lighting can make the house feel more welcoming.

10. Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting the house can make the biggest difference when trying to add Curb Appeal, even if you just paint the trim to add contrast.







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