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5 Best Materials Used for Kitchen Sinks

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most popular choice when it comes to Kitchen sinks. Helps provide a sleek look. Can be used for all types of sinks. Easy to clean and maintain but will show spots over time.


Copper is great for being an accent to any kitchen. There is different finishes such as smooth or hammered with variety of different patinas. Copper has the natural ability to kill bacteria. Can be used for all styles but is favored in the Farmhouse Sink style. Easy to clean and durable. The only downfall is how expensive the sinks are.


Enamel is a traditional type of material, it is cast iron coated in a glass like glaze. Has a softer look to it and is not as sturdy as stainless steel. Has a long life span. Some of the drawbacks are it being prone to chipping and staining but the surface can be refinished. Also, this material is very heavy and requires reinforced counertops and cabinetry. This material is affordable when compared to the value it brings to a space.


Is a type of enamel that is molded and heated to high temperatures. It is made out of white clay that is fused with glaze. Resemble Cast iron enamel sinks but is more resistant to scratching and discoloring. May eventually need to be re-glazed. This material can get pricey since it is hand crafted and like cast iron it will need to be professionally installed. Fireclay is heavy so the counter tops and cabinetry will need to be reinforced.


Can be used for all types of sinks. typically made out of marble or granite but can be made out of petrified wood. Due to the natural variation in the stone every sink is different and unique. Stone is very porous and will need to b sealed to prevent staining and scratching. This material is very heavy and will also require reinforced cabinetry. The drawback to this materiall is that it can easily cost $1000.oo just for the sink not inluding installation.

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