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Trending Benjamin Moore Colors 2020

The Trending colors for 2020 are not surprising. Neutral blues and greens are in style. If you are looking for a subtle wow factor these Benjamin Moore Colors are great for just that.

White Heron

White Heron is an of white color that is great for a Living Room, it creates a big open space that is bright and inviting.

First Light

First Light is a soft pink color that is great for a girls room or an office space. This color creates a fun but subtle pop of color.


Crystalline is a soft pastel green that is great for a dining area. This color creates a warm and calming environment, great for making memories around the dining room table.

Windmill Wings

Windmill Wings is a great baby blue color for a boys room or bathroom. This very airy blue brings a subtle charm to any space.

Buxton Blue

Buxton Blue Is a greenish blue color that is a great neutral color for any space. Would make a great accent color without being overpowering

Golden Straw

Golden Straw is a Warm Cream color or Very soft yellow. If you want any space to feel cheery and inviting without being overbearing this color is the best way to achieve that.


Thunder is a beige-gray that is perfect for any space, this gray creates a sense of peace and looks great with bold accents.

Crushing Green

Crushing Green is a bolder choice out of the trending colors for 2020. This is a great color to be used as an accent color.

Oxford Gray

Oxford Gray is a grayish blue that looks amazing when paired with white or lighter natural colors.

Blue Danube

Blue Danube is a deep blue green color that would complete the look in a bathroom or bedroom. This deep blue is sure to get you in a relaxed mood.






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