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What are the Fundamentals of Interior Design?

There are seven fundamentals to interior design; Space, Line, Light, Form, Light, Colour, Pattern, and Texture. Each element is very different but would be useless with out the other ones. When designing a space it is a good idea to know what each category entails so that there can be a balance between the 7 fundamentals to create a finished look.

Space - the amount of room you have available to take advantage of. In most cases the available "space" can not be easily changed.

Line - There is 3 types of line horizontal, vertical, and dynamic. Lines help to guide the eye. Creating lines using the room's furnishings and structural design can form harmony, unity, and contrast.

Form - relates the to the physical form of anything that is three dimensional.

Light - there is different categories of light task lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting. Man made or natural it is a very essential part of interior design.

Colour - is used to set the mood for any space and can be used to evoke different emotions. A tip about color, if the space is small use lighter brighter colors to give the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is.

Texture - the tactile surface of an object to add definition and character to any space. There are two forms of texture, visual texture and actual texture. Visual texture is any depth that can be seen to the eye, patterns can be a form of visual texture used in a design. Actual texture is what you can see and feel with 3D characteristics some examples are smooth, coarse, and soft.

Pattern - helps to add dimension to any space, layering different patterns can complete the look by bringing depth to the space.

When looking to decorate a space take in to consideration the 7 Fundamentals of Interior Design to have a fluid complete look. It is very important to use things that spark inspiration and are true to the style trying to be achieved. Interior design is a form of expression that can be used to transform any space to make it your own.






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