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What Are The Most Basic Kitchen Layouts?

There are five different Basic Kitchen layouts, each one has specific benefits and downfalls. If remodeling the kitchen is on the brain it is important to do some research on the desired layout to make sure is suitable for the amount of space allotted and that it will meet the required needs.

One Wall Kitchen

If space is limited One Wall Kitchens are the way to go. Perfect for Studio, Lofts, Tiny Houses! Everything you need is on one wall which frees up space to add a dining area.


This is probably the most efficient kitchen layout when it comes to workspace. Galley Kitchens are described as two counter tops parallel to each other with a walkway in between them. Typically has the Traditional Kitchen triangle; the Fridge, sink and stove make a triangle to make prepping and cooking a breeze.


An L-Shape Kitchen usually consists of countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular which form an "L", one of the perks of this layout is you can add an island for additional work space if needed.

Horseshoe Kitchen

Typically a Horseshoe layout has three walls that have cabinets and appliances that create a "U" shape. Ideal for someone who enjoys fluidity when cooking.


Island Kitchen Layout is any kitchen layout that has an island apart of it. Great for when there is more than one cook in the kitchen at a time, also adds additional workspace. A Peninsula Kitchen Layout functions like an Island Kitchen layout but offers more clearance in Kitchens that do not have enough space for an island.







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