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What is Minimalism?

If you google Minimalism you get a bunch of results that vary from living a minimalist lifestyle to minimalist financial advice. Minimalism in Interior Design is all bout having just the bare essentials in a space. In this case less is more. After doing some research I discovered the minimalism is a rejection of abstract expressionism.

The way to achieve this style is by keeping all aspects of the space or design to only the essentials like furniture. The furniture that is used is most generally in its true form for example natural wood that is only stained not painted. The idea is to provide a space that is peaceful and free of clutter. By eliminating excessive decor helps to keep the space easy to clean and inviting.

There are tons of people that are getting into this style of decor because it is about making a statement of what is necessary and essential and helps to make a space feel less overwhelming. This style is not for everyone because some people love there Home Decor accessories and can not live without them.

Don't want to get rid of your belongings but you want to participate in the act of minimalism? Try cleaning and organizing any unnecessary clutter on counters, kitchen tables, coffee tables. Another thing you can do is keep you accessories nice and neat.

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