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What is the Importance of Color? How Does Color Effect the Mood?

Color is a fundamental part of Interior Design because it helps the process of expression in any space. It is used to set the mood, there is not an exact science behind how colors effect moods but there is Color psychology which is how different colors have different influences. In some instances Color psychology is not accurate. Scientists believe that in some cases it is the object that influences how you admire a color. For example there is red chair that I fell in love with when I don't care much for the color red but now every time I see the chair it makes me happy. In some other cases certain colors might be rooted to a fond childhood memory which would also influence the way that specific color effects that person. Factors that contribute to the effects of color is brightness, hue and saturation. Brightness is how much light is in the color. Hue is the shade of the color. Saturation is how much pigment is in the color. When deciding what fun shade of green to paint the kids room take in to consideration how much light is in that space and how big the space is. Darker shades can make a space look smaller. When trying to decided if you want to go big with a fiery orange or keep it neutral with a sandy beige remember to have fun with the process!


The positives for red: Passion, energy, ambition, determination, love.

The negatives for red: Danger, irritable, anger


The positives for pink: love, romance, nuturing

The negatives for pink: immature, girly


The positives for orange: sociable, joy, creativity,

The negatives for orange: pessimism, hyperactive


The positives for yellow: Happy, cheerful, sunny, bright

The negatives for yellow: Impatience, egocentric


The positives for green: calm, freshness, peace, balance

The negatives for green: ambition, greed, jealousy


The positives for blue: Calm, peaceful, loyalty, trust

The negatives for blue: depressive


The positives for purple: power, luxury, ambition, creativity

The negatives for purple: immature, frustration


The positives for gold: success, luxury, quality, elegance

The negatives for gold: extravagance


The positives for silver: Glamorous, sophistication, modernity

The negatives for silver: Emotional, sensitive


The positives for white: Purity, light, safety, cleanliness

The negatives of white: sterility


The positives for gray: neutral, independent

The negatives for gray: detached, dreary, rigid


The positives for black: formality, power, elegance

The negatives for black: Fear, mysterious, death







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